Nothing like A Round of Music Freeze to Keep Your Spirits Up

Day 43 of the #Lockdown

Mhmm Music Freeze is here to spread all that cheer! The rules are simple: pick up the last letter from the previous song and sing another one! You’ll have to watch on to see how Melbin and Neerja fare. Oh and watch out for the new version of ABBA’s Super Trouper😉

Hum’s the Word, with A Twist

Day 42 of the #Lockdown

Nupur and Melbin are back to play a game of ‘Hum’s the Word’. This game is harder than it seems, so buckle up. And if you think you know the answer, comment down below ⬇

Neerja Goes Live with Jay Sean

And here it is, RJ Neerja’s live session with the one and only Jay Sean! Between puns and Jay Sean’s antics during this lockdown, they cover it all. Oh and considering that there are two musicians on the block, there’s no way this live would be complete without a bit of singing.