Neerja Goes Live with Jay Sean

And here it is, RJ Neerja’s live session with the one and only Jay Sean! Between puns and Jay Sean’s antics during this lockdown, they cover it all. Oh and considering that there are two musicians on the block, there’s no way this live would be complete without a bit of singing.

Who Said What 2.0

Day 41 of the #Lockdown

And here it is! Another edition of ‘Who Said What’ The quotes just keep getting wackier, but that’s just what makes this game even more thrilling!

Oh and do not forget to praise RJ Neerja below, we all need a bit o’ love during these times🌸

Hum’s the Word is Back

Day 34 of the #Lockdown

And Hum’s the Word is back! But this time, the RJs are picking famous tunes from the movies! Does that make this round easier or trickier? You’ll have to watch to find out! Oh and let us know your favorite film soundtrack in the comments below!