Musically Incorrect 2.0

Day 37 of the #Lockdown

RJ Melbin’s back in action with the second edition of ‘Musically Incorrect’! This time, the butt of the joke is Eminem and his tune, ‘Without Me’.

Watch on to see Melbin perform this classic, remote-mic in hand!🎙

Dance for Days

Day 36 of the #Lockdown

Watch as our RJs get groovy this #InternationalDanceDay. Take notes, people. Never know what moves you need to pull out once this #Lockdown is over 😉

Hum’s the Word is Back

Day 34 of the #Lockdown And Hum’s the Word is back!

But this time, the RJs are picking famous tunes from the movies! Does that make this round easier or trickier? You’ll have to watch to find out! Oh and let us know your favorite film soundtrack in the comments below!