Xperience Sessions With Last Minute India

RJ Rohit had a chat with Indie band, ‘Last Minute India’. The Mumbai-based band, has fans all around the world who love and appreciate their music.

The band began their journey as an ‘Alternative/Progressive Rock’ band, with their first single, ‘Nadaan,’ released in 2018. They discovered the sweet spot of becoming a ‘Pop/Alternative Rock’ band over time and with a lot of experimentation with their music.

Image Courtesy: Times of India

The artists got together as a group of college students to compete in a college music competition. They had no idea it would be the start of an incredible musical adventure that would inspire them to turn their lives into a full-time band.

Their new song ‘Yaadein’ was featured on the cover of Spotify’s most popular playlist, ‘Radar India’, for the month of April. ‘Yaadein’ is a soulful ballad about a first heartbreak. We all thought our first love would be the one, but no matter how hard you tried, it wasn’t meant to be.

Last Minute India’s music is a great example of how numerous musicians and bands have influenced them to sound the way they do.

Last Minute India is distinguished by Abdul Shaikh’s strong Indian Classical/Sufi vocals, which are blended with Austin Furtado’s beautiful guitar melodies and solos, as well as subtle melodic rhythm guitars by Bhumit Gor, as well as Subodh Gupta’s melodic songwriting and bass, and Yash Khona on the drums.

RJ Rohit caught up with Indie band, ‘Last Minute India’ about the story behind their unique name and so much more! Check out the video below!