Xperience Sessions with The Tapi Project

The modern world evolves all day every day, becoming new versions of itself each minute we are alive but what differentiates India and its modernity, is the culture that has still managed to thrive even as the world changes. In this time and era, derived from the lands of contemporary India is a collaboration called The Tapi Project a Surat based band which creates music from the roots, for the roots, of the roots.

The Tapi Project envisions to create music that resonates with the modern world, its issues and the traps they are ever so profoundly stuck in, right from urban life, money, to lost roots and alienation, creating music close to the roots of India when it comes to the actual production of music. The band has done more than 275 shows representing India in 26 countries that includes Spain, Austria, France, Germany, and Hungary to name a few. The band consists of four members Yogi (Guitar/ Bass player and composer), Swati (Vocalist), Gaurav (Drummer) and Biju (Keyboardist).

Paigam (Reprised)

The story of Paigam dates back to several years ago when Yogi had written Paigam, with a beat in his head Gaurav had created in a jam session that never left his mind, something he aspired to launch in the world music category, thus writing it in Hindi.

Only upon getting voiced by Swati, the realization of how beautifully she brings vocals to the table dawned upon the others.

Paigam is special in more ways than one, not because of how beautiful it turned out but equally because of the journey which lead for this creation to be what it is. The most special part of this song is Osman Bhai and his surando, a lost instrument that is rarely found in India now. Osmanbhai’s surando has been a part of his family from way before he was born, dating back to 160 years ago. A sound that resonates with the contemporary India and pulls you to feel the roots of this nation, the sound of surando became the highlight of this track.

After parading along the entirety of Kutch, when The Tapi Project finally found the sound, the perspective they were looking for in Osmanbhai and his surando.

The track reminds you of Rajasthan, of the beauty that the land holds. With Osman Bhai, his family, Yogi’s ever so beautiful writing and the sensational voice that Swati adorns, this track is an insight to the rich culture that the lands of India has protected in itself from a very long time.

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