Jlo Smashes The Switch Challenge with Her Husband and How

Lopez is killing us with her moves again! During the super bowl she busted out her stunning moves but now she’s killin it on Tic Tok!

Recently she took over the switch challenge that involves two people, one dancing to the song switch by drake while the other holds the phone. The challenge is to switch outfits and positions when the verse “switch” comes along. Jenifer Lopez did the fun challenge along with Alex Rodriguez, in the video Jennifer wears a form fitting dress with gold hoop earrings and a matching belt while Rodriguez is dress in a pair of shades and a suit.

But then the switch happens with the former baseball player in the Jennifer outfit while JLo wears his suit and shades filming the dance! JLo shared the Tik Tok on her Instagram story on Sunday night captioned “Wait for it…”.
The couple are expected to tie the knot this summer after their engagement in march 2019.

Many celebrities have been doing the challenge including SNL’s Kate McKinnion and presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren. Kate is

You Have To Listen To These Right Now!

Every week arrives with a string of thrilling new releases and we’re here to serve them to you all on a platter. Now, some of the artists here have finally taken that first step and released their debut albums. So, for starters, let’s cheer for that! But, it doesn’t stop there, because we’ve got yet another reason to celebrate and it’s for all the artists that have made their return to the music scene. So, let’s have a round of applause for them too! So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

1.How can we not talk about Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’? Between vibrant outfits to a landscape full of sparkling rocks, Gaga and her “tribe” arrive with some impeccable choreography. All in all, this one’s a throwback to the OG Gaga. Now, to top it all off, she also just announced the album title and release date for her sixth studio project. It’s called, ‘Chromatica’ and will drop on streaming platforms on April 10th so buckle up, this one’s barely a month away!

2.Next in line is Lauv’s catchy yet heartbreaking track, ‘Modern Loneliness’ which features on his latest debut album, ‘How I’m Feeling’. Now, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the lines,

Love my friends to death

But I never call and I never text, yeah

Which is basically just Lauv staring deep into our souls and telling us to stop dwelling on our loneliness, because there’s more than enough people ready to love you. You’ve just got to open your eyes and notice them, because they might just be a few feet away.

3. Disclosure’s treated us with a good three tracks over the past 2 weeks. On that list is “Ecstasy,” and “Tondo,” and now joining is the shiny new track, ‘Expressing What Matters’. Speaking about the production on this track, the duo explained, “This track samples the legendary song Lowdown by Boz Scaggs. We really wanted to try and focus in on those wonderful backing vocals that permeate through the original & give it such soul. They ended up becoming the focal point of the entire track.. bring chopped and skewed to their limit. The whole thing was one big audio science experiment for us.”

4. So, Demi Lovato’s back with a bang and she’s pulling no punches! She just dropped a self love anthem that’s just gorgeous enough to rival Lizzo’s numbers! This one’s called ‘I Love Me’ and surprisingly the music video not only features a brawl between three different versions of Demi (Nope, we’re not kidding) but it also ended up featuring a cameo from this BIG artist. We’re not telling you. Just watch to find out!

5. The Glass Animals have landed with a psychedelic, funky tune. It’s called, “Your Love”. This one’s all about love along with a sprinkle of well, seduction. Alrighty, that’s enough spoilers. Go ahead, take a listen.

Lizzo Claps Back Without Losing Class

TikTok you gone and done messed with the wrong pop star. The viral app recently decided to take down a series of Lizzo’s videos that she has shot in various bathing suits. We see her dancing, singing, twerking in the videos. But TikTok decided that they went against their community guidelines so the videos were taken down.

Lizzo, as expected, took on TikTok to deliver the diss of the century. While repeatedly saying “I know”, which is a viral trend on the app started by a user called Erin McMillen, she uses captions to say the following:

“TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits”

“But allows other videos with girls in bathing suits.”

“I wonder why?”

All the while lip-syncing to the viral trend of saying “I know” over and over again which leads us to believe that maybe, she knows.

“TikTok…we need to talk,” is how she ended the video. We are holding our breath to see how TikTok responds because this could either get very interesting or very nasty. Either way, we are here for you Lizzo — through and through.