Joe Keery Drops a New Track Called ‘Change’

The latest single from actor-musician Joe Keery’s impending sophomore album, ‘Djo’, has been released and it’s titled ‘Change.’ 

The song, which was released on 22nd June, is Djo’s first since the 2020 single ‘Keep Your Head Up.’ Prior to that, Djo debuted in 2019 with the album ‘TWENTY TWENTY,’ which followed Keery’s prior tenure as a member of the subsequently defunct band ‘Post Animal’.

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Djo showcases the pop-punk vibe of ‘Keep Your Head Up’ while continuing the psychedelia of ‘TWENTY TWENTY’ in ‘Change.’  The second album, titled ‘Decide,’ will be released on 16th September and was produced by “TWENTY TWENTY” collaborator Adam Thein. Check it out below.

According to a press release for ‘Decide,’ the album is “kind of an aural narrative of Keery’s late 20s. It includes observations on personal development, interpersonal connections and navigating through life with technology at the forefront.

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However, the statement claimed that Djo’s sonic ambitions take these introspections and melt them into a twisted reality, with each layered synth plucking the listener’s emotional strings.

Keery reprises his role as a high school graduate named Steve Harrington in the fourth season of Stranger Things, which just had its premiere. Along with Keery, fellow cast member Finn Wolfhard also entered the music industry, putting out the 2018 EP ‘Scout’ as a member of the now-defunct band Calpurnia.

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The album “TWENTY TWENTY” indicates that Keery is an artist of extremely high calibre who shouldn’t require additional endeavours to catch our attention, according to NME’s Rhian Daly, who gave it a four-star review.