#LockdownMusic feat. Reggae Pandemonia

Indigomusic.com presents #LockDownMusic!! We can beat this pandemic because we’ve got some brilliant weapons up our sleeve. Starting with the joy of music! It would also help to isolate ourselves, keep away from public spaces and – you know what, let this stunning song do all the talking. So , listen carefully.

#LockdownMusic feat. We Are The World with Various Artists (Northeast In One Voice)

Indigomusic.com presents #LockDownMusic!! Manipur is a state with a lot of hidden talent just waiting to be found and here’s proof of just that. These artists have come together to craft a new version of the legendary track, ‘We Are the World’. It’s a cocktail of different styles and yet these musicians have done full justice to this number! So, listen in, you don’t want to miss out on this.