The Week In Music: Ep 28

As the world slowly returns to the new normal, the music world continues to dish out big gossip, releases and headlines. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the loop, then you’ve found it.

The Week In Music goes down every week so be sure to tune in and you will find yourself in good company. And boy, you can bet that every week will arrive with its fill of drama.

On this edition of ‘The Week In Music’, your faithful host, Aatira, dives headfirst into all the buzz-worthy content to shake up the industry. From Usher resurfacing with a heart wrenching fresh release, to Big Sean’s contemplative new album to the star-studded music video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s ‘Popstar’ – there’s far too much that went down this week and not a minute to waste!

There’s lots to cover and not a minute to waste, so strap in and watch on!

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