Between The Lines Ep.19: Jason Mraz and more

Between The Lines, episode 19 is here with Aatira, about to change your perception of the songs you’ve heard way too many times. As she will change the interpretations of the meanings of the songs. On today’s episode, we have Billy Idol, Nirvana and Jason Mraz to make you feel a bit nasty.

The episodes of Between The Lines target at songs that we’ve all heard from time to time, over the years. However we never realized they were sexual in nature or maybe just out of our understanding capacity because we were young, of course or maybe we just didn’t pay that much attention to the deeper meanings of the lyrics.

Between The Lines Ep 18 brings you songs like ‘Dancing With Myself’ by Billy Idol, ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by Nirvana and ‘Butterfly’ by Jason Mraz. We bet you would not have imagined these songs were about sex but turns out they’re.

Take a look at it!

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