Zayn features on remix of ‘Trampoline’

Zayn Malik is back with his soulful vocals as he features on the remix of the low-key song “Trampoline”, that catapulted its way to the top of Alternative Pop Charts world over, even reaching No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Malik went completely under the radar after the release of his album “Icarus Falls”. He emerged briefly for a brand new rendition of the song “Whole New World” featuring Zhavia Ward, but retreated back into his little world right after that, leaving his fans longing for more.
To their delight, he tweeted a message saying nothing but the words “TRAMPOLINE”, shortly after which that remix of the alt-pop hit dropped, satisfying fans everywhere. Take a listen!

Nick warms up to Bolly music!

All rock stars have their own way of warming up before a show – be it meditation, listening to a playlist or a mini dance party just to get the performance juices flowing. Well, Nick Jonas has gone viral for his warm-up technique. Any guesses?

Turns out the Indian influence is strong with his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, because his warm-up ritual of choice is getting hype to Bollywood music. A video of him letting loose to ‘First Class’, the energetic track from the Bollywood film Kalank, has gone viral. Turns out, this is just every day business for the singer – “He’s a complete Punjabi! He listens to Bollywood music before going on stage. He keeps listening to music on a Hindi radio channel,” says his wife Priyanka!