Armaan Malik, KSHMR, And Eric Nam Are All Set to Release Their New Song

Courtesy of the artists

Indian Pop Star Armaan Malik has announced the release of his fourth single and fans couldn’t be more excited when he shared that it would be a collaboration with two other extremely talented faces of the music industry-Korean-American artist Eric Nam and Indian-American producer and DJ KSHMR. The trio are all set to drop their new track titled Echo, which has been described as “the first K-pop meets I-pop collaboration built around a meticulously crafted EDM soundscape,” 

Wow. Now that sounds huge.

Making The Global Pop Culture More Diverse

Malik, who is highly pumped about his latest collaboration, took to his social media handle on May 17th to share the news of the track with the caption, “Some of you had guessed AEKOHCE correctly long back, but I had to be tight-lipped about it until the right moment”. AEKOHCE represents the name of the track and the first names of the three artists.

Speaking about the track, he shares-“Being an Indian artist– because we’ve not seen a lot of representation on the global stage– I feel a kind of responsibility,” says Malik about embarking on this collaborative journey. “This is not something that’s happened before, this is something that’s so new for India and Indian musicians. It’s beautiful how artists from different countries are so deep-rooted in their cultures but come together to do something which–even though it’s different– is still very much them.”

The three artists wish to promote more Asian contributions to the Global Pop Culture and the release of the new track this month is also their way of celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

Echo is all set to drop on May 21 at 2:30 PM IST.