Sam Smith Postpones Album Launch

Sam Smith announced that they will be renaming their upcoming album. They took it to instagram to announce that their album formerly titled as “To Die For” will not be released on May 1st as scheduled due to the sensitive nature of the current situation. Smith called this a “weird, upsetting and unprecedented time.” 

“I have done a lot of thinking the last few weeks and feel that the title of my album and imminent release doesn’t feel right, so I have come to the decision to continue working on the album and make some important changes and additions,” Smith tweeted. 

Sam reassured fans that nonetheless an album will be coming out this year!Although the album does not have a new release date, Smith clarified, “I am still going to bring out some new music over the next few months.” 

They thanked their loyal fans for sticking with them  through thick and thin. “I always want to do right by you. Always.” they said.  Sam Smith’s announcement follows Lady Gaga who also said that she will be pushing the release of her album due to the ongoing crisis. 

 Sam Smith released their single “To Die For” earlier this month following the release of  “How Do You Sleep”. They performed the latter on Sunday at the iHeart Livingroom Concert , which was a tribute for all the frontline workers.

The concert was hosted by Elton John with various artists streaming in their performance to raise funds for various international committees. Many of these artists like Rihana, have also been donating funds from their personal foundations towards the cause. The pandemic has shown us the humane side of musicians who have been coming together to keep us company through this season of self isolation.

Sam Smith – An Absolute Serenader

Cover your ears because the school doesn’t cover blown minds. Sam Smith just blew our minds with their acapella performance at the iHeart Livingroom Concert. They simple but elegant price got us pumped up and optimistic!

They performed the track “How do you sleep” from their home in London. As the lockdown gets stringent, the music industry has innovatively switched to live streaming concerts to help fans cope with the isolation.This has also helped raise funds for many international committees working towards COVID-19 relief. The iHeart Livingroom Concert was hosted as a tribute to the frontline workers from the health care and service industry who have been bravely battling the virus head on. 

Before commencing their performance , Sam told fans not to lose hope and get consumed by the isolation. They reassured fans that this was just a temporary phase and that soon everyone would be frolicking around in the open! They went on to say “I hope you are safe, wherever you are, and I just wanted to send this through to you guys, and I hope this makes you feel better. Because music is making me feel a lot better right now.”

Sam Smith has been actively encouraging people to self isolate through various social media channels. They even took part in the #Stayathomechallenge after being nominated by Elton John. Sharing a photograph of their family at home captioned “Thank you beautiful [Elton John] for my nomination. This is a wonderful thing to do. I stay home for my incredible family. This is unprecedented times and my thoughts and heart are with everyone right now. We are in this together.” 

Well if Sam Smith’s angelic voice tells us it’s going to be fine then ts going to be hella fine!!

BSB Just Knocked us Out Cold With Nostalgia

FOX and iHeartRadio brought together the cast of Backstreet Boys for a home concert via video conferencing. It is quite a feat to bring the largest boy band in history together like that in times of crisis. 

Brian Littrell, the lead, began by saying, “We want to do something a little different for you, a little special, bringing our living room to yours. This is is the living room in my studio at my house. I’m going to be joined by my bandmates in just a second.”

“We live in unprecedented times today with the COVID-19 virus. I want to thank iHeart for putting this together. I want to thank Fox for airing it. I want to thank all the frontline responders that are donating their times and putting themselves in harms way to take care of their fellow citizens,” the band continued through the course of the music swaying. “So, stay safe, stay home, and protect yourselves.”

No prizes for guessing that ‘I Want It That Way’ was played with much enthusiasm with AJ McLean.