Bob Dylan Museum To Open Up In Oklahoma

Credits: Chris Pizzello

A new museum dedicated to the American singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan, is gearing up to display some of the legend’s greatest works in Oklahoma. The museum is set to open its doors to the public in 2022. It will include some of his ‘handwritten lyric manuscripts’, ‘rare and unseen photographs and other priceless items.

The Rockstar Of The 90s

Every kid from the 90s would agree that Bob Dylan was one of the most iconic and greatest singers of their time. This legend has produced fierce songs based on political and social issues and they have been so influential, that they are widely discussed and studied in today’s time. Even the Beatles cited him as an inspiration for their musical change!

Some of his greatest works include songs like Like a rolling stoneJust like a woman, and Mr. Tambourine Man. The now 79-year-old Dylon, released his most recent album, Rough and Rowdy Ways last year in 2020.

Did you know he is also the first musician to win a Nobel Prize? He was awarded this honor in 2016 “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. How much cooler can the man get?

Bob Dylan recording his first album-Bob Dylan
Dylan with his then-girlfriend,Suze Rotolo, who is often credited with shaping his political awareness
Dylan was regarded as ‘The Shakespeare of his generation for his powerful lyrics