Alicia Keys Pens Down a Song of Prayer

Stories from the iHeartRadio festival are pouring in and something about the music and the tribute that is being paid to the first responders is vastly touching. 

Among the ingenious talent that poured in from their homes to the screens of their fans worldwide was Alicia Keys with ‘Underdog’ which quite sadly, yet in brilliant coincidence, sounds like a song written for the pandemic. She kicked off the concert with the performance on her piano. 

 “This song is like a prayer,” Alicia Keys said describing the song and what it has come to mean. “I hope that we remember how resilient we are and how we defy the odds. I’d like to dedicate this song to all first responders and medical professionals that are risking their life to keep us safe. We’re so grateful.”

In Keys fashion of heart touching honesty and the working class relatability, she added in references to the first responders saying “people on the frontlines knowing they don’t get to run,” and that hit hard cuz it’s nothing but the truth!