1975 With a Conditional Delay , with Their New Album

The British alt-rock band ,The 1975 announced their decision to postpone the release of their upcoming album “Notes On A Conditional Form”. The band did not release a reason behind this but many speculate that it may be due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. They simply posted a new date , May 22nd and link to pre order on their respective social media accounts.

The announcement also included an artwork and the anticipated 22 song track list! The album has undergone several name changes including “Drive like you do” and “Music for cars”! Thank heavens they stuck with “Notes On A Conditional Form”.

The first song from the album , titled “The 1975”  , released in July 2019 featured environmental activist Greta Thunbergs voice! The song went viral for the same reason and crowds praised the band for the track. Following this the album was set to be released on February 21st 2020. 

However this January they announced that the album would be released after April 24th and a new album cover was revealed, only to be reverted back to the original album cover a few days later. With the announcement of the new May 22nd release date, the band appears to have once again changed the album cover.

They have followed suit of many other artists like Lady Gaga , Sam Smith and more who have chosen to delay the release of their work due to the sensitive times. However, a small number of artists like Dua Lipa, Madison Beer and a few others  have been releasing and debuting their latest work on streaming concerts , giving fans something to look forward to.

 The 1975, however has announced that they will be releasing their ninth song from the album called “”Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America”! We can’t wait for this , there’s always something to look forward to in these times thanks to all the artists out there!

Ariana Grande Has “Hair” Own Issues

Ariana Grande flaunted her natural hair on instagram earlier this week , shocking Arianators and celebrities all over the world. She opens up about the damaged showbiz had done to her hair after which she adopted her signature high ponytail style.”get a load a dis,” Grande captioned an au naturale selfie.

 She showed off her bouncy , healthy curls in the picture and even offered her back story. Ariana admitted that her hair was severely damaged due to the bleaching and straightening she endured for her role Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon from 2010 to 2014.  She said that her signature pony with extensions was adopted as her hair would just frizz up if she let it down due to all the damage. 

In a post she revealed that “I wear it in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.” Ariana jokingly admitted that she probably had more hair extensions than all drags queens on earth combined! Well Ariana, home is the only place where one can be themselves! 

Fans showered praises on her post lauding her strength to see the bright side even in these perilous times. Her mother Joan showed us how strong their bond was by tweeting approval for her daughter , she tweeted “your natural hair/curls is a world of its own, A magnificent beauty you are inside and out/ made up or natural… I love you.” Well played  Ariana , servin us hair goals! 

As nations stay in lockdown , many artists have been encouraging fans to use this time for self care and introspections. We think Ariana has given us a reason to turn this social distancing into a DIY self care routine time. Make sure you treat yourself right like Ariana treated her hair right!