Bazzi sets Boyfriend Goals With a new Song

Rules To Being A Boyfriend have Changed, Bazzi Leads From The Front

Um, fellas — the bar to being a good boyfriend has just been raised. Will you please keep up? 
Bazzi just released a song called ‘Renee’s Song’ for and in the name of his girlfriend. 1st April happens to be their two year anniversary of togetherness and instead of the tired old gestures that y’all have been placating us with for eons now, he released a love ballad for his Australian model girlfriend — Renne Hubert. 

The lyrics start with something like this: “There’s a song I like to sing / It says your name, I love the ring.” Along goes the song and in the second verse we hear something even more poetic: “There’s a wind up in the North/ It tells us love’s our only source.”

A two minute joyride for both Renee and us. We are applauding this and not settling for anything less than a song; a poem at worst. Thankskaybye!

DaBaby Has Found a way During This Pandemic With Music

Fresh off the success of ‘My Oh My’ and having had the whole industry jamming to his new single, DaBaby has gone back to the studios and come back out with some fresh stuff for us to look forward to. 

The first look at ‘Find My Way’ has everyone talking. The new single is out with a 10-minute long video that features B. Simone, an influencer and ‘Suge’ singer DaBaby on the open road that of course makes us long for the road trip days. It looks light and breezy… till it doesn’t. Definitely a video to watch for its story line and a track to be heard for its production well done by DJ Kid. 

This is a track that picks up after the events of 2019 when we saw DaBaby release ‘Baby on Baby’ and his first album ‘KIRK’.

Troy Sivan Takes You Home With a New Song

These days, it’s literally been raining new music, before we’ve even gotten a chance to open out our umbrellas! And speaking of, the latest storm in town in none other than,Troye Sivan, the Australian pop artist with his brand new single, ‘Take Yourself Home’ which is a collaboration between LeLand, Tayla Parx and Oscar Gorres.

‘Take Yourself Home’ arrives with a mellow acoustic riff and lyrics that are quite apt for this quarantine period. The song discusses a monotony that seems to overcome a city and the yearning to go somewhere more welcoming, a paradise of sorts.

 This is reflected in the heartwrenching lyrics that read, 

“And happiness/Is right there where you lost it/When you took the bet/Counting all the losses that you can’t collect/Got everything and nothing in my life,”.

Sivan has worked on two full length albums, including 2018’s ‘Bloom’, he’s also worked with Charlie XCX and earned a Golden Globe nomination in 2019 for the stunning track, ‘Revelation’ with Jonsi.

This tune, however, acts as a mirror to Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ project. The track has a darker tone as it delves into a bit of synth-pop. Speaking about the piece, Troye explains, “‘Take Yourself Home’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,I write these songs as a diary entry, then as life and places change and relationships change, songs can take on a new meaning entirely. Clearly that has happened for this song, with what is going on in the world right now.”

Apart from treating us with new music, Sivan has also been doing his part in helping victims of the Covid 19 pandemic. He’s been helping out freelancers- graphic designers and animation artists. Sivan took to his Instagram and announced an open call for these designers who are struggling to make ends meet due to the Covid-19 outbreak.