Bastille Enters A New Era in ‘What You Gonna Do???’

Once again, this Friday has had to bear witness to a line of new releases from the likes of Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Beyonce and more. Now joining the fight for the spotlight is none other than Bastille. They just surprised fans with the release of their new single featuring Graham Coxon, titled, ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???’.

This tune sees the band take a step away from synth-pop sounds and adopt a more Punk-Rock approach to the song. Featuring energetic guitar riffs and thumping beats, frontman Dan Smith arrives on board with his striking verses. 

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WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? ʇɥɓıuoʇ

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Bastille, The Screen & the Void

Their single discusses a life we’ve all become accustomed to, one that’s permanently behind a screen. It’s a habit that helps fill the void within us, but also one that’s got us rotting on the inside. The lyrics speak for themselves, take a look:

Johnny’s on the A-train
Takin’ it the wrong way
Shiny on the surface
Rotten on the inside

Shake, rattle, and roll
You got control, got my attention
Make me tap and scroll
You got control, got my attention

The visuals for the track shows us faces warping and mutating in front of screens, until they cease to exist all together. The vintage-inspired animations display the loss of the sense of self and a retreat into the void. 

Speaking of this record, Dan Smith had this to say: 

“We finished the song, and it felt urgent. We didn’t want to sit on it. This next phase feels like a new beginning. It’s about completely tearing up our process, being spontaneous and starting again. We’re just really excited by the new songs. I think we’re making some of the best music we’ve ever made. We want to put it out now and not wait for the whole album to be done before anyone starts to hear it. This is about where we are now and hearing us in real-time.”

Well, we’re more than ready to embrace this new version of Bastille with open arms. 

By: Nina Karun