Want To Build A Fan Base Like BTS? Here’s How

BTS is one group that needs no introduction. Why? Because if you still don’t know who they are, their ARMY will hunt you down. We kid of course. Or are we?

Nevertheless, the Korean boy band has surpassed several international pop stars in their chart hits and fan following, many calling them this generation’s ‘The Beatles’. If you have ever wondered how they managed to do so, stay tuned!

People First, Global Popstars Second

BTS have racked up two several No 1spots for their singles and albums, and billions of global online streams. They were recently invited to the UN as UNICEF ambassadors, where their charismatic leader, RM, spoke on self-acceptance. And while milestones like these are monumental for any artist, the members of BTS – rappers Suga, RM and J-hope and vocalists Jimin, V, Jin and Jungkook – have changed the face of pop, as the first Korean group to reach the elite club of the western pop world.

But it isn’t so much their international acclaim that won the hearts of their die-hard fans, rather their camaraderie and off-stage antics that really sold the k-pop idol group as an overall lovable and relatable group of individuals.

Even before BTS reached global stardom they have been filming videos for their fans, giving them a glimpse of who they really are, making a real connection with their viewers. Their long catalogues of video content date back to even pre-debut, which can be viewed on several platforms presently still, showing us the humble beginnings of seven young boys with a childlike innocence and hopeful faces, hustling to make it big as Idols. And boy, did they!

Variety Shows And More

BTS’ video properties are all created keeping the band’s fanbase ARMY as the central target audience, from the day they began, and even now. The group’s various video properties launched over their seven years in the industry—Run BTS!, ‘Bangtan Bombs’ and more—are all examples of this. Fans have been joyfully viewing their idols as they play silly games, ride on amusement park rides, and pull pranks on each other.

All BTS video content can be viewed either after paying or for free. Some are uploaded regularly and across multiple platforms for fans to view at their leisure, and this includes their behind the scenes sketches such as the ‘Bangtan Bombs’ on YouTube and the ‘Run BTS!’ series on VLive and Weverse. Paid content like ‘Bon Voyage’ is available on label Big Hit Entertainment’s own media platform Weverse, and often also on physical mediums such as Blu Ray/DVDs.

Check out some more of their off-stage, ‘behind the scenes’ videos below:

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan