SUGA of BTS Teases ARMY with Mixtape: “Agust D 2”


Rapper SUGA, of BTS, has released a new solo image along with a countdown led by BigHit Labels, and ARMY are all fired up. Fans assume the countdown and teaser image are in anticipation of the release of his second mixtape, called ‘Agust D 2’ by the fans, for now. If the countdown is to be believed, the mixtape will reach us on the 23rd of May. 

SUGA has been trending on Twitter since his Apple Music profile was changed to a new picture. The hashtags #AGUSTD2ISCOMING, #ALLMENDOISLIE, #YOONGICULT and #MINYOONGI continue to trend, with the first accumulating over 1 million tweets. The Apple Music profile picture has since been changed, but not before every fan saved the picture, circulated it a million times, and proceeded to freak out. 

The reaction from ARMY world, is not surprising, considering how SUGA made a public declaration on one of his live sessions recently, saying: “Don’t expect anything anytime soon.” So, naturally, when the picture dropped, fans took to Twitter to point out the cheeky deception. 

SUGA, who falls under BgHit Labels – BTS’ agency, has made no official statement about the release. And with BigHit’s vague statement: “We are releasing content according to the schedule. We cannot confirm anything separately,” ARMY has had no choice but to scour the internet for clues and possibilities. 

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Were gonna fucking die.

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SUGA released his first mixtape, titled under the moniker “AGUST D” (an anagram for his name ‘SUGA’ and the town he is from – ‘Daegu’). The project was released in 2016, with the rapper receiving critical acclaim for his skills as a producer and solo artist. 

ARMY have dissected every possible clue to find out what SUGA could possibly be releasing, and here’s what they’ve come up with: 

1. Agust D 2 possibly features two tracks: “What do you think?” and “2013” – an unreleased track co-written by bandmate RM.

2. Singer-songwriter Max is teasing new music, and everyone assumes it’s for the new album. He has been a fan of BTS for a while now, and has released pictures with SUGA before.

3. SUGA is taking inspiration from Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’. Fans believe the track ‘Tony Montana’ may be remixed with a feature from bandmate Jimin. 

If the countdown is to be followed, Agust D 2 by SUGA reaches us tomorrow, the 23rd of May. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

The 1975 Delight Fans with New Album

the 1975

After leaving a trail of singles, the 1975 finally dropped their fourth album, “Notes on a Conditional Form.” Now, the album’s got a whopping 22 tracks, of which they’ve given us a taste of tunes like ‘Guys’, ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘Me & You Together Song’ and quite a few others.

Now, what you might’ve noticed from these tracks is that the band has experimented with a range of different genres and concepts. Some revolve around friendships, some around the toxic nature of technology, some delve into love and some well, are just rather psychedelic. When it comes to genres, this album sees a fine cocktail of Alt-Pop, Rock and of course a lot of ambient tunes.

The 1975's 'Notes On A Conditional Form' a beautiful mess | ALBUM ...

Where Does the Album Lack?

Interestingly enough, the first track sees a climate change speech by none other than Greta Thunberg. The 1975 are known for their activism and socio-political leanings. In fact, frontman, Matt Healy, has never shied away from speaking out about heavier issues like misogyny in the industry, environmental issues and music politics. So, it’s no surprise that the album kicks off with this speech.

And yet, this album has been criticized for not following through with one running theme. Some reviews have pointed out that the album is a bit all over the place and at certain points even “lacks focus”. Which is understandable. When crafting a mighty 22 tracks, it must prove quite difficult to sustain a single theme over every track. That being said, putting such wildly different thoughts and ideas into a single project is rather overwhelming. Almost like a child picking out random crayons to colour their latest drawing.

That’s not to say that all their tracks fall flat. They’ve definitely managed to bring something new to the table with this album. Considering that many of their tracks veer to the boundaries of the Pop genre. But for a better understanding of the process and concept behind this album, it’s best to hear it from the band itself. While Matt Healy hasn’t spoken out about this yet, for now, we can revel in all these 22 tracks.

Because one thing’s for sure, the 1975 have made sure that listeners will keep coming back for more. 

Meghan Fox a “Bloody Valentine” For Machine Gun Kelly?

machine gun kelly and megan fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox have might have just confirmed that they’re together by starring in a video together. MGK, American rapper and singer released a video for the song “Bloody Valentine”, a single officially from his fourth upcoming album “Tickets To My Downfall”.

“Bloody Valentine” stars the Transformer actress who has probably kidnapped Machine Gun Kelly in the video. This surely lets the fans know Meghan Fox has ended her 16 years long marriage with her husband, Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox kisses 'new man' Machine Gun Kelly in his new music ...

“Bloody Valentine” is directed by Michael Garcia who does not think that these two are anything more than friends. However Meghan Fox adds fuel to the fire by ensuring to be all flirty with MGK in the video.

Meghan Fox is a dominatrix, taping the rapper’s mouth in the bed and electrocuting the musician in the bathtub. The lyrics go like ”  “I’m calling you girlfriend, what the f—,” and “I’d give everything up tonight if I could just have you be mine.”

Machine Gun Kelly looks like the submissive lover while his girlfriend, Meghan Fox controls him in Calvin Klein outfits. She’s got the rapper almost on a leash, by giving him kisses on his pink tapped mouth or feeding him donuts while he’s tied up.

Though, the rumors started right after the Machine Gun Kelly and the actress were spotted in his car, now, we can start to contemplate if these two are a thing or not! If you want to know what we are exactly talking about, just see the video.

By : Aatira Kakroo