Sia is Preparing to Drop a New Track…And a New Film


Alright, we’ve got two huge announcements, so you might want to take a seat for this. For starters, Sia is back with new music. Deep breaths. So, this one’s titled ‘Together’ and it marks her third fresh release in 2020. Now, our second piece of good news is that this song features in Sia’s upcoming film, ‘Music’.

Yup, you read that right. The movie has been in the works for a whopping 6 years. It was first announced at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. ‘Music’ also has quite the star cast, from Kate Hudson to the Hamilton star, Leslie Odom Jr. to Maddie Ziegler – it’s just a huge affair. The film is set to release this September. And interestingly enough, for Sia, it’s her debut project. This is the very first time she’s dabbled in a bit of directing. In fact, she even co-wrote and co-produced this film.  

Now, we know you’re curious about the plot. But as expected, there’s barely much detail on it. So, here are the crumbs we’ve found: The story is about an autistic teenager (Ziegler), who is cared for by her sober, drug-dealing sister (Hudson). That’s all that’s out there right now.

What the Song has to Offer

Now, back to the song. ‘Together’ is set to drop on May 20th. In fact, the writer, Hillel Aron explained that this was “a cheerful song that matches [Sia’s] personality much more than, say, ‘Chandelier’”.

“The ‘Together’ scene [from Music], to be shot in one take, features the principal characters and a half-dozen kids decked out in brightly painted jumpsuits dancing around a circle of chairs, arranged like a 12-step meeting,” Aron added.

Sia did mention that she’d be putting out a whole album this year, but considering there’s been no further news on this, it’ll possibly come out only in the latter half of the year. ‘Together’ hasn’t been her only single this year. Back in January, she put out a track titled, ‘Original’ for the ‘Doolittle’ soundtrack.

And yet, it’s exciting to know that now, we have not one but two treats on the platter. 

Ariana Grande Shows Off New Tattoos

ariana grande

Pop superstar, Ariana Grande, just took to social media to share some harmless quarantine selfies. But, little does she know, these pictures are sending fans into a spiral.

Ariana Grande has been keeping fans and herself entertained during these trying times, tweeting and taking to the gram every chance she gets. Well, these new pictures just posted are engaging fans, alright. The singer can be seen with her signature high ponytail and winged eyeliner look, dawning a grey spaghetti top, lying in bed. But, it’s not her beauty that’s catching everyone’s eye. It’s her tattoo sleeve.

Ariana Grande can be seen in all her glory, all tattooed up. Fans caught a glimpse of the butterfly tattoo across her upper arm in the ‘Stuck With U’ music video, but these selfies show off a lot more than just one tattoo.

While she smiles away in the selfies, the internet is freaking out at her new look. Ariana Grande has sported ink before, but this is a whole new look. Even fellow musicians from the industry are commenting at the new skin art. R&B singer Tinashe commented under the post saying: “Love the tats sis.” Manager-mate and singer, Demi Lovato, who is now signed managed by Scooter Braun (he also manages Grande and Justin Bieber), sent some encouragement her way, saying: “we stan a tatted queen”.

Getting inked isn’t the only way Ariana Grande has been keeping busy. The singer-songwriter has been making music, teasing fans with pictures from her home-studio.

Ariana Grande also put out a collaboration with Justin Bieber to raise funds amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The song, called ‘Stuck With U‘, has been climbing charts world over, with positive reception from the pair’s fans.

BTS Stir Up Rumors of a New Album?


South Korean boy group, and subjects of recent global super stardom, BTS, have been busy bees during their time in quarantine. 

Apart from being extremely active on social media, omnipresent almost, they’ve also been engaging with fans through livestreams on a regular basis. Just recently, the group went LIVE on YouTube with a pre-recorded meeting. The video sees all the seven members of BTS, gathered around a table, hashing out the details of what we all assume is going to be their new album . 

The boys have been teasing the release of a new, entirely self-produced album for a while now. Leader of BTS and rapper, RM, first mentioned the idea of curating an album in quarantine. Vocalist and dancer, Jimin, then went on to reveal an additional detail – the album is going to be entirely self produced by the members. Each member will be responsible for each element of the entire album process – production, writing, and design. 

In their most recent live, the members discuss the theme of the album and what it should be. Through the 20 minute conversation, they finally arrive at a conclusion. The members all agree that that the upcoming release should be focussed on providing hope, and send a message of empathy. The idea that, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we will all get through this time must be present at all times.

What really caught ARMYs attention though, is the mention of the BTS track ‘Spring Day’. ‘Spring Day‘ holds a special place in every fan’s heart, and for good reason. The song carries a special message about friendship, acceptance and overcoming hard times to walk the ‘flower path’. The members all agreed that their upcoming project should mirror those themes. 

BTS have also premiered their docu-series ‘Break the Silence‘. The series premiered on 12th May, and follows the members on their 2018-2019 world tours – ‘Love Yourself: The Tour’ and ‘Speak Yourself: The Tour’. Early fan reactions have been overwhelmingly emotional. 

The 7 members can be seen getting candid and vulnerable in their personal interviews, revealing anxieties and worries that haven’t been addressed before. The series, as much as can be said from the first two episodes, also dives deep into their dynamic as a group post global recognition. Exploring the change that the word of celebrity, the docu series exposes ARMY to a grown-up side of BTS that they’ve never seen before. 
There has been no confirmed date, or information about the group’s new album. But, if BTS is to be believed, the album will reach us sometime in October.