Roger Waters Slams David Gilmour in Public Feud

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British musician and former Pink Floyd member, Roger Waters, has re-ignited the age old feud between himself and David Gilmour. Waters took to his solo YouTube channel to address some issues he was having with the current state of thing with a video titled, ‘ANNOUNCEMENT’. 

In the video, Roger Waters sets the tone with a strange, iMovie generated introduction, and gets straight to the point – he’s been banned from the official Pink Floyd website. 

Roger Waters first makes it a point to thank fans for their positive responses to the new version of “Mother” he arranged with his band. “Mother”, which features on the career defining album “the Wall” by Pink Floyd, would go on to be one of the band’s most popular songs. Well, Waters hopped aboard the video call performance trend, and gave audiences a brand new version of “Mother”, arranged and performed with his new band.

In the subsequent video, Waters thanks fans saying: “One and a half million of you have viewed our new version of Mother, which is lovely. It really warms my heart, I have to say.” He goes on to say: “But, it brings up the question of why is this video not available on a website that calls itself “The Pink Floyd Website”.”

Roger Waters claims that he is banned from the website by David Gilmour. He goes on to reveal that, about a year ago, he and the surviving members of Pink Floyd met at a hotel in an airport in London, where Waters proposed different ways in which they could move on from the tough situation they currently find themselves in. He laments, saying: “It bore no fruit, I’m sorry to say”. 

With regard to the ban, Roger Waters says: “In consequence, it seems to me that it would be fair and correct if we should have equal access”. He goes on to strike Gilmour with a jab, saying “David thinks he own it. I think he thinks that because I left the band in 1985, that he owns Pink Floyd, that he is Pink Floyd. That I’m irrelevant and I should just keep my mouth shut.”

The age-old drama between Roger Waters and David Gilmour has been a never ending saga of subtle and not-so-subtle jabs, and we can only sit back and see where this goes. 

Tones and I Teases New Song: “Ur So F*cking Cool”

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Australian pop sensation, Tones and I, took to her Instagram to tease an upcoming release –  a track called “Ur So F*cking Cool”. The singer shared a 10 second snippet of herself getting ready for the music video, up for release as well. 

Tones and I, who struck gold with her record-breaking single “Dance Monkey”, made headlines earlier in the day as she joined the Billion Views Club on YouTube. The music video for “Dance Monkey” has officially crossed over a billion views amassing an audience worldwide. The track shot her to superstardom, eventually making her the artist spending the most weeks at No. 1 across Australian Singles Charts – a total of 24 weeks, 21 being consecutive. 

Teasing new music a few months after her release of “Bad Child” and “Never Seen the Rain”, Tones and I is all set to put out a new track along with a music video. The song will be called “Ur So F*cking Cool” and that’s pretty much all we know. She took to her Instagram to announce that we’ll be able to hear the track soon, accompanied with a zoomed in Tik Tok video of her make up and some behind the scenes footage from the upcoming video. 

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Ur So F*CkInG CoOl, coming soon

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Her latest singles “Bad Child” and “Never Seen the Rain” didn’t perform as well as her previous chart-topper “Dance Monkey”. Using production elements very similar to each other, the songs mirrored each other in a sense. With “Ur So F*cking Cool”, or at least what we can hear from it, the song seems to depart from the familiar Tones and I sound. 

Tones and I is yet to announce an exact release date for the song. 

Mental Health Month Brings Doja Cat & More With Message

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May is the Mental Health Month. And what a month it has been. We’re sure that a lot of us have found ourselves in unprecedented solitude that could have brought about some intense feelings for us all. The quarantine has not been kind on some.

But these of your favourite stars came together to say that you are not alone in this. Which is the fact. Mental Health Month should tell us this, if nothing else — that we are not alone.

Billboard brought together Doja Cat, Yungblud, Zedd, Ally Brooke, Charli XCX, Anne-Marie, Da Baby, Wiz Khalifa, and more to send a message against “productivity” in these times. Stressing upon the fact that this is a pandemic quarantine, not a productivity test.  

Zedd said in the video from his home, “I’ve actually had four or five days in a row where I’ve virtually did nothing but play video games all day.” Along side T-Pain said he was spending his quality time with Nintendo Switch playing Animal Crossing!

Doka Cat continued the conversation saying, “I watched every Harry Potter movie, every Pirates of the Caribbean all the way through and didn’t move.” Yungblud is watching Peaky Blinders!

“It’s alright to vegetate sometimes and just sit on the couch and grow roots into it,” the “Weird!” Doja Cat proclaimed, and I swear all was well!

By: Nupur Saraswat