Nothing Anonymous Details Addiction in ‘Waste Away’

Nothing Anonymous new single

The electro-pop duo, Nothing Anonymous, have released their latest single: a track called ‘Waste Away’. Fans may recognise refrains of the new song from their previous release, ‘Here to Stay’. And, while the phrase “waste away” has made its appearance in the past, this track is a dark departure from the sparkly-toned, ‘Here to Stay’.

‘Waste Away’ frames itself in a loop, complete with complex grunge-pop production elements, mellow raps and drawn out electronic vocals. Structurally, the song mirrors the viscious cycle it details in its lyrical exploration.

‘Waste Away’ sees Nirmit Shah (producer) and Ambika Nayak (vocalist and writer) veering away from their relatively ambient, alt-pop work. The duo create a structurally sound musical home that discusses addiction. In fact, it goes a step further, to detail the loneliness and isolation one feels as a result of that viscious cycle.

And, while Ambika shows off various facets of herself in this track – slick rap and flexible vocals, the production ties it all together. ‘Waste Away’ is an experiment gone right; one telling of the alternative pop duo’s skill as musicians. And, while the pair have always delivered music that is always pleasant to groove to, this single hits close to home.

In fact, the grungy, alt-pop loops in ‘Waste Away’ may not be what you’re used to. But, with its hypnotic arrangements, this one will pull you right in.

By: Ahalya Narayanan