Nas Discloses The Hectic Schedule Behind “Nasir” Album

Nas has disclosed the process of making his 13th studio album, “King’s Disease”, produced by Hit Boy. Not only that, he reflected upon Kanye West’s efforts on his “Nasir” album.

In June, 2018, Kanye West produced and recorded an album every Friday, the second last of it was “Nasir”. This hectic schedule was followed very strictly by West which meant Nas had to be on his toes as well.

Nas spent a lot of time with Kanye West during the “Nasir” album recording. As he opened up about the process to Apple Music, he said, “The thing about it was by the time I got there to the studio, all of those albums were done and I was coming to start mine. And I spent a lot of time there working with loops, ‘Ye would play loops and I would write, and he’d be like, ‘I’ll finish the beat later,'”

Nas continued, “This man is cranking out all of these albums and they’re going to come out every Friday. And so he had to mix albums, finish albums. So I kind of had to wait till the last week before the album dropped to really have him in the room to really have him to be there to get these records done.”

Nas continued: “And so, I never been to Wyoming, you know what I’m saying? I thank him for bringing me out there and to see a different part of America and to be around that energy with all the producers and artists. But I also had my room to the side so if I wanted to work with them longer, because we only got, honestly, we hung around, we went over ideas, but it really, really got down to the wire, no pun, like at the last week, in the last week.”

What is Nas Been Upto?

Nas is been in touch with Lowe, the rap mega producers of Verzuz battles which are taking place online. “I talked to the Swizz, I’m really proud of what he’s built with Verzuz. And I’m more of a fan to know who’s going to be next, so I’m calling Swizz, like ‘Who you got? Who’s next? I’m really a fan. I really want to know. And I think he knows that’s not what I’m trying to do, but I like to know who’s coming next.”

Nas is yet to be on the Verzuz battle however fans are speculating that he’s hinting on being on it. Well, we don’t know if that’ll ever happen but just like his fans, we are eager to know as well.

By: Aatira Kakroo