Migos Dropping Hints For Releasing “Culture III”


Will the Migos’ much-awaited album, “Culture III” be out soon? We think so! The trio has been making a lot of noise about their upcoming album for three years, now. And, recently Offset hyped the album too.

On March 20th, Offset part of the Migos shared a snippet, looks like its part of a music video from “Culture III”. The caption also had the album’s name on it. So, no doubts about that. What’s taking them so long to drop it?

In the snippet, we can see that Offset is spitting some sick verses while he’s surrounded by his fellow Mogos. Around them are supercars and surely there are way too many diamonds to count on their necks. The rapper also put another post, captioning, “Time for the BIG 3”. So surely, the album is coming!

“Culture 3” Coming After The Breakup?

Migos is coming into the spotlight once again for their upcoming album only after Quavo and Saweetie called it quits. The series of tweets about their break up surely shocked the internet. But also, many picked sides.

Saweetie took to her Twitter handle to speak about the betrayal she’s gone through during their two years relationship. Quavo from Migos also expressed his disappointment about publicly talking about their dirty laundry.

Anyway, the breakup has surely made us bring our tissues out. But something that’s come well out of it is the updates on “Culture III” by Migos. The official date of the album is not yet disclosed but we hope we hear it soon. Stay tuned!

By: Aatira Kakroo