Meghan Fox a “Bloody Valentine” For Machine Gun Kelly?

machine gun kelly and megan fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox have might have just confirmed that they’re together by starring in a video together. MGK, American rapper and singer released a video for the song “Bloody Valentine”, a single officially from his fourth upcoming album “Tickets To My Downfall”.

“Bloody Valentine” stars the Transformer actress who has probably kidnapped Machine Gun Kelly in the video. This surely lets the fans know Meghan Fox has ended her 16 years long marriage with her husband, Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox kisses 'new man' Machine Gun Kelly in his new music ...

“Bloody Valentine” is directed by Michael Garcia who does not think that these two are anything more than friends. However Meghan Fox adds fuel to the fire by ensuring to be all flirty with MGK in the video.

Meghan Fox is a dominatrix, taping the rapper’s mouth in the bed and electrocuting the musician in the bathtub. The lyrics go like ”  “I’m calling you girlfriend, what the f—,” and “I’d give everything up tonight if I could just have you be mine.”

Machine Gun Kelly looks like the submissive lover while his girlfriend, Meghan Fox controls him in Calvin Klein outfits. She’s got the rapper almost on a leash, by giving him kisses on his pink tapped mouth or feeding him donuts while he’s tied up.

Though, the rumors started right after the Machine Gun Kelly and the actress were spotted in his car, now, we can start to contemplate if these two are a thing or not! If you want to know what we are exactly talking about, just see the video.

By : Aatira Kakroo