Martin Garrix and Zedd Are Upto Something In Secret

The world of EDM has been set ablaze by some fantastic news! So, here’s what’s going on, the dance music legends, Martin Garrix and Zedd are finally teaming up for a new track! One might wonder why they haven’t collaborated before, considering that the duo have talked about this for the past 7 years and it looks like this dream is finally coming true!

They both rose to fame in the 2010s and since then, have managed to dominate charts world over with songs like, ‘Virus’, ‘Animals’, ‘Clarity’, ‘Happy Now’ and a bunch of other peppy tracks!

Garrix recently opened up about their friendship and their approach to music, “We’ve sent all these ideas back and forth, but then when we’re together we always end up just partying or chilling or exploring the city that we’re in. I just sent him an idea, I think 4 weeks ago. It’s a crazy, very weird different chord progression, but because it’s so weird and different, he was like ‘man, I love this, send me this.'”

It looks like they’ve both settled on something and you know what that means, we’ll probably stumble upon a new song very soon!

Zedd did promise us some new music after a five year long hiatus and he’s stuck to it, because the artist rang in the new year with a remixed package of his track, ‘Good Thing’ featuring Kehlani. But, we’re still waiting for that brand new album to drop. But before that, if we do get to see the track the duo are collaborating on, it will also mark Garrix’s first release of 2020!

Martin has hinted at potentially premiering the collaboration at the Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland, but we’ll just have to wait and see how all of this unfolds!