MAMAMOO Swing Axes In Teasers For ‘Aya’

Just last week, the star-studded Kpop group, MAMAMOO, gave fans a fresh taste of their upcoming album, with a retro flavoured treat, ‘Dingga’. The catchy number was accompanied by its very own starry visualizer. And now, the girls are back with a brand new teaser. 

Their forthcoming track titled, ‘Aya’ takes a firm step away from the frills and pastel colours seen on ‘Dingga‘. The 25 second video snippet opens with quite the bang. We see Hwasa standing among tombstones in a black leather getup, shattering glass with axe in a very Harley Quinn-like fashion. 

The rest of the members look equally stunning, aiming arrows, donning beaded hats and ghostly white dresses. The soundscape on this tune also promises to feature a distinct folk flavour. 

MAMAMOO also took to social media to sprinkle some of their concept teasers for ‘Aya’ which will serve as the lead single to their upcoming album, “Travel”. The visuals see deep, sombre colours, leather fits and smoky eyeshadow – hinting at a darker, sultry comeback. 

The band’s tenth album, “Travel” is set to arrive on November 3rd and something tells us that it’ll see MAMAMOO experiment with a spectrum of different moods and themes. 

By: Nina Karun