Maluma And The Weeknd Rise Up The Billboard Chart

On November 17, 2020, Maluma and The Weeknd rocketed up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to land at the No. 12 spot. The track, ‘Hawai’ moved up 48 spots from No. 60 all the way to the top tier of the chart.

Hawai’s Run To The Top:

The Weeknd remix of the track premiered on November 5, 2020, and has flown up the Billboard chart ever since then. With the November 17, 2020 edition the tune will become the 12th biggest song on the chart.

The Maluma track has been on the chart for just a couple of weeks now. The number debuted on the chart in the week of its release. This track marks The Weeknd’s 33rd hit in the Top 40 on the chart. The Canadian is still holding strong in the top 10 with his hit ‘Blinding Lights.’

The Weeknd and Maluma joined forces to surprise fans with a stunning remix of the exciting track. Although the original Spanish record did well on the charts the first time around, the new track is surpassing all expectations.

Reasons Behind Maluma’s Quick Rise Up The Chart:

The rankings on the Billboard chart all depend on the strength of streaming activity as well as the sales of the chart. Using data from Nielsen Music/MRC Data the track saw a big jump in the chart rankings.

As per calculations, the Maluma tune just had a large increase in streaming activity. The overall streams went up by 123% to 17.6 million streams in the week ending Nov. 12. Currently, Hawai has over 25 million streams on Spotify. Furthermore, the stunning music video of the song has over 40 million views.

The Weeknd and Maluma have left the music world shocked with this exhilarating new remix of a hit single. With its meteoric rise up our charts, there’s no telling what other records it’ll soon be breaking.

By: Aatira Kakroo