Linkin Park Music Pack To Be Released For Beat Saber

Starting from August 17, 2020, the VR rhythm game Beat Saber will feature a Linkin Park music pack. The 11-track list has been released to celebrate the release of Linkin Park’s 20th anniversary of their debut album, “Hybrid Theory”.

Beat Saber is a fascinating virtual reality video game that has been developed and released by Beat Games. The thrilling game is set in a futuristic neon setting. The principal aim of this fantastic game is to slash the musical beats that come flying your way. And that’s not all. Each participant gets to choose their pair of contrasting colored sabers, and the music to which they rock.

It looks like the game creators have made a grand effort to make fans reminisce. The entire game-play is also customizable and is based on the theme colors of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album

This unique Linkin Park music pack comes with an exhilarating new tunnel environment. This setting has been included to allow participants to customize their in-game experience. Intriguingly, this entire music pack is inspired by Linkin Park’s music video ‘One Step Closer.’

The killer tunes by Linkin Park that are included in this playlist are, ‘Bleed It Out’, ‘Breaking the Habit’, ‘Faint’, ‘Given Up’, ‘In The End’, ‘New Divide’, ‘Numb’, ‘One Step Close’, ‘Papercut’, ‘Somewhere I Belong’, ‘What I’ve Done.’. All the Linkin Park fans couldn’t be happier.

The entire pack of Linkin Park music can now be purchased together for $13.99USD/£11.49GBP or as individual tracks for $1.99/£1.69. You can find this action-packed VR game on PS4, PC, and Oculus Quest.  

By: Aatira Kakroo