Liam and Alesso Treat us to a “Midnight” Collaboration

After several days of teasing fans ‘Midnight’, a collaborative track between Liam Payne and Alesso finally dropped. Oh and the best part? They managed to release a music video as well, while they stayed in quarantine in their own respective homes.

Alesso needed a singer to perform ‘Midnight’ and was delighted when Liam jumped on the track, “He added his incredible flavor to it. It really turned out incredible,” he said in a recent press release.

Even if the whole world is at a halt, these guys proved to us that nothing is stopping them from reaching their fans all around the world, while Alesso shot at his Los Angeles studio and Payne took his friend’s help to shoot the music video in his London balcony.

The singer and the DJ gave us an inside view on the behind the scenes of the music video. Liam explained,  “It was nice just to make a video with a lot less noise around it — music videos are always so busy,for me personally, just to be able to go outside my house, perform a song on the balcony and just sing it the way I wanted to perform it rather than have people telling me how to move or what to do, or anything like that. It was very much our video and I’m proud of that.”

Both the artists also believe that the song means a lot to them, especially with this global pandemic running its course right now, as Alesso mentioned, “It definitely gives it a bigger meaning. We’re always going to listen to this song, at least me and Liam, and think about these times,I think it definitely gives it a special feeling to it. We’re all learning new things about our spouses and spending so much time together with them, people overcoming such massive things in the world together. I think that definitely lends a hand toward the song as well and how you overcome these sorts of things”

Well, we hope they continue to create magic and inspire us to do a little more than lazing around during this self isolation period. Till then, you can check out the music video as they bring a little bit of sunshine to everybody’s day!