Lana Del Rey Responds to Criticism Amid Drama 

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey has spoken, and unfortunately, the situation has only worsened. 

The American singer-songwriter has found herself in boiling hot water after her explosive statements about hypocrisy in the pop music industry, taking the names of her peers – Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat and more, to prove her point. 

Naturally, fans of the mega stars were not happy with the tone and delivery of her message, touting it as privileged and anti-women. And while Twittersphere has been abuzz with dialogue over the post. Lana Del Rey seems to have gotten lost in the clumsy execution of her message which was basically a plea for expression. She pointed out how “pathetic” it is that she is criticised for “glamourising abuse” in her music. 

Well, after all the backlash that stemmed from her name-dropping female artists (predominantly women of colour), Lana has hands to throw and words to say. Lana Del Rey took to her Instagram stories to respond to the backlash, saying: “Bro. This is sad to make it about a WOC issue when I’m talking about my favourite singers. And this is the problem with society today, not everything is about whatever you want it to be.”

From all the reactions that have come in following the statement, Lana Del Rey seems to be falling further into a problematic trap. She seems to be doing fine, though, posting a video of herself dancing with the caption simply saying “#fuckoff”. 

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By: Ahalya Narayanan

Rihanna Recruits Megan Thee Stallion


Rihanna has found a new cheerleader and we are here for it! And, what a cheerleader it is indeed. High off her success of ‘Savage’ which was remixed by her Houston-gal Beyonce, she hit the charts like a tsunami. Things have been pretty fly for Megan Thee Stallion but the just got a lot more ‘Fenty’!

‘Savage x Fenty’, which is Rihanna’s world famous lingerie brand, has just named Megan Thee Stallion their summer ambassador.

In a press release, Rihanna said, “Meg is the energy we were looking for. She is a risk taker with an attitude, character, and personality.”

To this Megan Thee Stallion gave her thoughts on what wearing the Rihanna-designed lingerie feels like, “I feel sexy, comfortable, and confident. We want all the hotties around the world to feel good about themselves exactly as they are.”

The ‘Savage x Fenty’ Instagram page released a picture of Megan wearing their yellow pieces and captioned, ” Classy. Bougie. Ratchet. She a SAVAGE! How TF could we NOT partner with @theestallion?! 👏👏 #SavageXTheeStallion”

And naturally, the new line of underwear, given this collaboration between Rihanna and Megan, will be called ‘Savage x Thee Stallion’.

This came as little surprise to people who have been watching Megan closely. She had released a Tik Tok video just a month ago where she gave her fans a little #SavageChallenge to do. In the video Megan is seen wearing Rihanna’s line of lingerie and dancing to her own hit song ‘Savage’. So the clues were every where!

By: Nupur Saraswat

SUGA of BTS Teases ARMY with Mixtape: “Agust D 2”


Rapper SUGA, of BTS, has released a new solo image along with a countdown led by BigHit Labels, and ARMY are all fired up. Fans assume the countdown and teaser image are in anticipation of the release of his second mixtape, called ‘Agust D 2’ by the fans, for now. If the countdown is to be believed, the mixtape will reach us on the 23rd of May. 

SUGA has been trending on Twitter since his Apple Music profile was changed to a new picture. The hashtags #AGUSTD2ISCOMING, #ALLMENDOISLIE, #YOONGICULT and #MINYOONGI continue to trend, with the first accumulating over 1 million tweets. The Apple Music profile picture has since been changed, but not before every fan saved the picture, circulated it a million times, and proceeded to freak out. 

The reaction from ARMY world, is not surprising, considering how SUGA made a public declaration on one of his live sessions recently, saying: “Don’t expect anything anytime soon.” So, naturally, when the picture dropped, fans took to Twitter to point out the cheeky deception. 

SUGA, who falls under BgHit Labels – BTS’ agency, has made no official statement about the release. And with BigHit’s vague statement: “We are releasing content according to the schedule. We cannot confirm anything separately,” ARMY has had no choice but to scour the internet for clues and possibilities. 

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Were gonna fucking die.

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SUGA released his first mixtape, titled under the moniker “AGUST D” (an anagram for his name ‘SUGA’ and the town he is from – ‘Daegu’). The project was released in 2016, with the rapper receiving critical acclaim for his skills as a producer and solo artist. 

ARMY have dissected every possible clue to find out what SUGA could possibly be releasing, and here’s what they’ve come up with: 

1. Agust D 2 possibly features two tracks: “What do you think?” and “2013” – an unreleased track co-written by bandmate RM.

2. Singer-songwriter Max is teasing new music, and everyone assumes it’s for the new album. He has been a fan of BTS for a while now, and has released pictures with SUGA before.

3. SUGA is taking inspiration from Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’. Fans believe the track ‘Tony Montana’ may be remixed with a feature from bandmate Jimin. 

If the countdown is to be followed, Agust D 2 by SUGA reaches us tomorrow, the 23rd of May. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan