Kanye West Starts Working on ‘DONDA 2’

Kanye West has started working on his upcoming album “Donda 2”, after his 2021 certified gold album “Donda.” After the immediate success of his album, he is back with another super hit which is yet to rock the Billboard. 

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Image Courtesy: NBC News

Steve Victor, Senior Vice President of A&R at Universal Music Group said, “Ye has started working on his new masterpiece, ‘Donda 2’.” 

Image Courtesy: The Economic Times 

Kanye has been known for being meticulous in his craft, unafraid to punt release dates to continue reworking his music and leave behind creative projects in favor of more promising ones. It will be the first time for the 22-times Grammy winner to release a sequel to one of his albums. It would mark the eleventh entry of his projects. 

Donda had a surprise release on August 29, 2021, after tons of last-minute delays. It was an impressive feat for West, who sold out the venue two days after announcing the first public listen of his highly-anticipated album. Rick Ross and Kim Kardashian were some big names who attended the event. 

Image Courtesy: Pitchfork

The track was loved by all and also made a bigger impact on the audience. The album had set a new record by reaching No. 1 on Apple Music’s top albums chart in almost 152 countries in 24 hours. On the very first day of release, “Donda” was streamed over 60 million times in the United States. The track was named after his mother, Donda West, who died at the age of 58, because of plastic surgery complications in 2007. Most of his fans are aware and have appreciated him for this. 

Most of his albums feature gospel themes, hip-hop vibes, his Auto-Tune vocals, a track featuring his friend- mentor Jay-Z, and recorded speeches made by his mother. Fans are eagerly and patiently waiting for the new album to be out soon.