Kanye West Recruits DaBaby For A Fresh Track

The past few weeks have witnessed some absolutely stellar collaborations. We’ve got fresh tracks from Lauv and Conan Gray, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco, Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha and even a funky remix from Dua Lipa and DaBaby. Speaking of the latter, high off his rendition of ‘Levitating,’ it looks like the rap star has nabbed yet another fiery collaboration. 

DaBaby Spits Some Fiery Rhymes

This time around, we see DaBaby join forces with the man of the hour: Kanye West. So, here’s how it went down. Kanye recently took to social media to put out a 15 second snippet of a remixed track. The brief clip opens with a strange cocktail of flute sounds, welcoming a sleek rap verse from DaBaby. 

The accompanying visual is just as odd. It features a rather disturbing, floating skull, with its tongue hanging out. In the background, we see a sun dancing against a blood-red sky. Now, Kanye’s excitement over this fresh track was quite clearly evident in his fully capitalized caption. His message read,  “DABABY TURNED THIS VERSE AROUND SO QUICK ITS INSPIRATIONAL TO SEE HOW FAST WE CAN MOVE AS A PEOPLE. I HAD TO GIVE YALL AT LEAST A SNIPPET,” 

It’s worth mentioning that the few lyrics we hear are both scathing and to the point. “They only call me when they have a bill to pay/ Ain’t nobody ask me how I feel today,” DaBaby is heard rapping. In light of Kanye’s recent mental health struggles and ongoing battle with record labels, it looks like he’s using his music as an outlet to voice his troubles – as many often do. And yet, Kanye’s case is slightly different. He’s often showed the world that he has no qualms about exposing the dirty underbelly of the music industry. So, there’s a high chance he’ll adopt this battle as the running theme for his new era in music.

Further, the duo also shared a text exchange in which they heaped praises on each other. And so, how this collaboration unfolds is something we’re simply itching to find out. 

By: Nina Karun