Justin Bieber Releases an Ode to Lost Innocence: ‘Lonely’

Justin Bieber sings of fame and loneliness in 'Lonely'

Justin Bieber kicked off a brand new era in music with the saccharine sweet love song – ‘Holy’. But, as he continues onward in that journey, he’s turned the tables on us. The Canadian singer-songwriter teamed up with producer/ singer-songwriter, Benny Blanco for a brand new single titled, ‘Lonely’. And, this ode to his lost childhood is brimming with vulnerability, grit and unfiltered emotion. 

A Gritty Ode to Lost Innocence

Justin teased the single earlier in the week, revealing the title of the track with a single picture – a picture of a boy in an empty room, dressed up in his My World tour outfit, sitting in front of a mirror. And, for fans and onlookers, that was enough of a hint that this was going to be a difficult track to get through. But, for non-fans, this is the perfect entry into Bieber’s world – much talked about but not as recognised.

The track, as the title suggests, details loneliness and the paradox of having everything and nothing at the same time. Bieber reminisces in the chorus,

“What if you had it all but nobody to call?
Maybe then you’d know me
‘Cause I’ve had everything
But no one’s listening
And that’s just fucking lonely”

The track, accompanied by an equally moving music video, features child actor Jacob Trembley. Complete with symbolism and subtlety, the visualiser pays homage to Bieber’s lost childhood. Further, penned by Benny Blanco and produced by FINNEAS, the track rings true to the pair’s past works, signature of the ‘bad guy’ producer.

A New Offering from Bieber

Speaking of the release, Justin Bieber wrote, “To be honest, it was hard to listen to [the song] considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters.” 

And, somehow, in the midst of all the noise surrounding Justin and his stardom, ‘Lonely’ offers up something real from the star, for what seems like the first time in a while. The track is out now, and available on all streaming platforms. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan