Justin Bieber Accused Of Cultural Appropriation Over New Dreadlocks.

Justin Bieber took to his Instagram on Sunday,26th April to share selfies from his vacation and what caught our eyes was the new look he had on-dreadlocks! Check out the post below!

A History Of Controversy

Several fans were not too thrilled at Justin’s new look and took to the comment section to accuse him of ‘cultural appropriation. Fun fact, this is not the first time it’s happened. Back in 2016, the Baby singer wore dreadlocks after releasing his fourth album Purpose and fans were quick to point out how unhappy they were with it.

The debate on whether white people can wear dreadlocks is a very controversial one and there are several people of color who are against it as they feel that wearing the hairstyle for fashion is disrespectful of their history as they have been mocked for years over it. Justin is just one of the several celebrities who have come under the heat before over similar hairstyle controversies.

Check out some of the comments he received over his recent post.

On the work front, Justin is still reeling from the success of his latest single ‘Peaches’ from the album Justice, Check out the song below if you still haven’t!