Inside Cara Delevingne’s LA “Playhouse”

Cara Delevingne recently opened up the doors to her new Los Angeles home and it is truly one of a kind. A house that has a ball pit, a vagina tunnel, a poker room, a pool and two trampolines is truly a funhouse! 

Cara explains that she feels like through her line of work she has had to wear a lot of different hats and her new home is designed to represent just that. Each room in the house has a different theme. There are Gucci wallpapers with nature motifs, lots of plants, and a carpet with the print of leopards climbing up the stairs. It’s wacky and aesthetic at the same time, reflecting her own colourful personality.

 Credits: Laure Joliet/AD

Cara even has a home theatre, an array of instruments including a transparent piano in the living room and an outdoor barbecue. The ball pit is one of the most interesting portions of the house along with what she calls a “p***y palace”. 

She says,” The meaning I have from this house is just never growing up, you know?” the actress continued. “Always kind of maintain some sort of childlike innocence or joy or just the need for fun. They’re really great for stress. You can’t cry in a ball pit. I’ve tried.”

Credits: YouTube 

She even has a guitar signed by David Bowie and a Chanel surfboard. She has a massive white and gold bathtub and a piano in her room. She feels that the house is like the ‘mad hatter’s tea party because of the colours and craziness, but it also includes a jungle theme, an old English style, a Beverly Hills hotel, and an LA style.

 Credits: YouTube

“My mother says if you are bored, you are boring”, says the 28-year-old actress, and her house is definitely not a place you can ever get bored in. 

Watch the complete house tour here: