Iggy Azalea Confirms That She Has A Son


The singer and songwritter, Iggy Azalea confirms that she has a son via an Instagram story. The Australian rapper totally knows how to be secretive, the whole world is in shock with the news.

She explains, “I have a son. I kept waiting for the right time to say something but it feels like the more time passes the more I realize I’m always going to feel anxious to share news that giant with the world..”

Iggy Azalea who’s currently in a relationship with Playboi Carti since 2018 has always made sure her private life does not get public. The rumors about her pregnancy were out there for a long time however, there was no confirmation.

Not a long time ago, Iggy Azalea was in the spotlight for being engaged to the American rapper, Playboi Carti. On one of her social media posts, she was spotted with a huge diamond ring on her ring finger.

Fans have speculated that Iggy Azalea was pregnant in December 2019 and gave birth to her first child in April 2020.

The secrecy revolving around Iggy Azalea has become a major part of knowing the rapper. Even though, she announces that she has a boy child, there are so many details which are not being revealed. Fans don’t know the father of the child, his birth name or date.

Well, we can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the “Black Widow” singer’s baby boy but we will just have to wait.

By : Aatira Kakroo

Kanye West: “You Can’t Tear Down Michael Jackson”

kanye west michael jackson

It is hard to imagine Kanye West being interviewed by Pharrell Williams. But it happened. They sat down for the i-D interview with Vice and things were legendary — as you’d imagine would happen when two of the biggest stars of contemporary music come together.

Kanye West had a compliment to offer to Pharrell: “It felt like you really tore down the walls and the doors much like Michael Jackson did a generation before, and in a way, he’s very similar to Michael Jackson, in the ways where Michael Jackson was doing covert, super gangsta stuff, like he’d just pop the needles off.”

Kanye West Wants to be the New "King of Pop"

Going off that tangent, he dove deep into what he thought of Michael Jackson, which he has in the past been very vocal about as well when the documentary — ‘Leaving Neverland’ — exposing Michael Jackson and his lifestyle first came out. In this interview too, he said, “We should have something that says we can’t allow any company to tear down our heroes. Not on The Shade Room, not on social media and especially not in documentaries.”

Kanye then compared his self to how Michael Jackson’s public image was handled, “I’m like every time the media isn’t happy with me it’s like, ‘Here they go. They’re gonna come and Wacko Jacko me.’ Which in some ways, they’ve tried to do.”

Talking about black culture with Pharrell Williams, Kanye talked about what Michael Jackson meant to popular culture, “He kissed Elvis Presley’s daughter on MTV. Black culture used to be… we used to be fronting all night, but Michael was doing stuff that was different to what we were programmed to understand as being what we should do.”

Inevitably, there was conversation around COVID-19 and the aftermath we are looking at. “Life’s going to have a different kind of gravity than it’s ever had before,” Pharrell Williams said to Kanye West. “It’s also gonna make us really separated. We’re disconnecting from each other even though online we’re probably more connected than we’ve ever been. It’s a bit like the Tower of Babel, if you will. We’ve never been this close, and there’s a lot of advantages that come with that. There’s a lot of disadvantages, too, and a lot of grey areas.”

By: Nupur Saraswat