Halsey Is All Set To Make Her Acting Debut In A New High School Drama

Halsey has been tremendously busy over the past few months. Earlier in the year, she dropped her third studio album, ‘Manic’ which was received with a lot of praise. After being housebound due to the global coronavirus pandemic, that didn’t stop the star from nabbing new collaborations and putting out fresh tracks. The latest piece on the block was ‘Be Kind’ featuring Marshmello. But now, it looks like the young star is ready to explore new avenues. 

Halsey is currently gearing up to make her acting debut in a brand new TV show. Titled, ‘The Player’s Table’, this series is based on the novel ‘They Wish They Were Us’ by Jessica Goodman. In an exciting turn of events, Halsey will also be starring alongside Euphoria’s Sweeney in this show. The latter has also gained critical acclaim for her roles in ‘Sharp Objects’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. 

Now, the plot is as intense and gritty as they get. ‘The Player’s Table’ revolves around an elite Long Island prep school and a secret society dubbed the Players. Sweeney will play Jill, a senior who finds herself growing increasingly disillusioned with this society as she works to unearth the secrets surrounding the death of her best friend, Shaila. Making the waters even murkier, Shaila was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Graham, three years prior.

Halsey will settle into the role of Graham’s sister, Rachel Calloway, a troubled former member of this dark society. Together, Rachel is pushed to join Jill as they struggle to find out the truth behind this incident, hoping to exonerate Graham before he turns 18.

Interestingly enough, Halsey has in fact worked with Sweeney in the past. The duo first met when they teamed for the singer’s music video for her track, ‘Graveyard.’ They’ve yearned to work together again ever since and when this opportunity presented itself, they couldn’t help but jump aboard.  While Halsey has dabbled in a bit of acting in the past, be it during her Saturday Night Live skits, music videos or even her cameo in ‘A Star is Born’ (yes, that happened), this is still new territory for the young star. 

And so, it’s safe to say that we’re thrilled to see this new side to Halsey in ‘The Player’s Table’

By: Nina Karun