Friends Reunion: Justin Bieber In ‘Spudnick’ Costume, Lady Gaga Sings ‘Smelly Cat’

On Thursday (May 27th), the epic show-Friends made a comeback after 17 long years for a reunion special. The overwhelming one-hour forty minutes episode saw not only the 6 leading cast members but other characters from the show too. There were guest appearances by some of our favorite celebrities as well.

Read on to find out more about the fun-filled night at Central Perk

A Night Of Nostalgia, Laughter, And Tears

The episode, hosted by James Corden, started with the cast members ( Jennifer Anniston, Mathew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Courteney Cox) visiting their original sets from the show. They spent time reminiscing moments from the show which left not only them getting emotional but had us fans rushing for our tissue boxes too.

The episode also featured a fashion show where some of the most iconic outfits that the characters wore were brought out on the ramp. Justin Bieber was dressed in Ross’ Spudnick costume’ and it brought the entire audience rolling on the floor with laughter. Model Cara Delevingn was also part of the show and she rocked the Holiday Armadillo costume.

Lisa Kudrow( Phoebe Buffay) picked up her guitar during the episode to bless our ears with her iconic ‘Smelly cat’ song. What surprised us was when Lady Gaga enters saying ‘ She had just been passing by” and asked if she could join Lisa too. Two of the world’s greatest singers gave us the performance of a lifetime that day!

The reunion had guest appearances from various celebrities including the K-Pop band, BTS. One of the band members, RM, shared that he learnt English by watching Friends and how it also taught him about ‘life and true friendship’.

Please tell us you didn’t miss this epic night!