Eminem Reaches 50 Million Subscribers on YouTube

American rapper Marshall Mathers, professionally known as Eminem has now passed 50 million subscribers on YouTube. He shared a new video on Twitter that brings together snippets of his music video ‘Stan’, ‘My Name Is’, ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and many more. He took Twitter to announce his achievement. 

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Image Courtesy: Grammy

The Real Slim Shady has been played a billion times on Spotify, which is breaking the record in the process. 

Image Courtesy: NME

Eminem became the first artist with 11 albums to achieve this feat. His only album that did not break the record was his first album No final. Slim Shady ll marks Eminem’s main debut and serves as a warning shot from the man who will become the most dangerous MC on the planet. Compared to its later versions, Slim Shady ll feels understated and almost scattered, but it offers a surprisingly rare and fleeting glimpse into the pre-fame version of the pop culture terrorist that would have put MTV in its wake.

What was exciting to some and shocking to others was the authenticity with which Eminem was able to portray himself as this morally deserted prankster – some Looney Tunes Hannibal Lecter version who will hit you 40 times and then bottle you to death. This one-time threat has been copied countless times since then, but no one can do that either because Eminem made it look so good.

Image Courtesy: CNN

Eminem dropped a surprising batch of new merchandise including action figures and all-black outfits. New merchandise has arrived as part of Eminem’s Black Friday collection. They include hoodies and T-shirts emblazoned with “Mom’s Spaghetti,” the iconic lyric from his song “Lose Yourself” and the name of the restaurant he owns in his hometown of Detroit.

Eminem is also set to appear on the upcoming second album from Cordae, ‘From A Bird’s Eye View’, alongside Stevie Wonder.