Doja Cat Recruits Nicki Minaj for a Fiery Remix of ‘Say So’

This entire month has been brimming with power packed collabs, from Sam Smith and Demi Lovato, to news of Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK teaming up and now, fresh on the platter is none other than Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj.

Something always told us that they’d make a good pair and boy, have they exceeded our expectations. Now coming to Doja, we’ve all discovered her through different, incredibly catchy tunes but surely we can all agree that her track, ‘Say So’ has made its home in all of us, from that first listen.

The track also happened to sit atop the Billboard charts for weeks, consequently putting Doja on the map as the hot new, up and coming star. Now, ‘Say So’ which featured on Doja’s 2019 album, ‘Hot Pink’, recruited Nicki for a brand new makeover. 

What’s rather interesting is the fact that this remix is arriving a good year later, which isn’t the norm. But perhaps Doja was simply looking for the right partner in crime to tackle this with,  and the fact that this song only picked up speed on the charts in the latter half of last year.

And like we mentioned earlier, they make a good combo – Nicki’s rough yet playful verses sliding between Doja’s syrupy sweet, rather surreal falsettos.

Anyway, enough chit chat, go give this one a listen!

Beyonce Made Megan Thee Stallion’s Dreams Come True

We can’t speak for Megan Thee Stallion but we are ready to put our money on it — she is having the best day of her life.

Queen B, Beyonce, just hopped on her Houston sister’s track ‘Savage’ and remixed it. Megan Thee Stallion went live with the news and had this to say: “I’m literally crying … being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS this sh** means EVERYTHING to me !!!!” 

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Also may we remind everybody that this is Beyonce‘s first song since last summer. If you remember the last track she took a hit at was her ‘Lion King’ companion album. Oh and let’s not forget that she’s been on a roll this entire week, starting with her little present for Lizzo!

And if they weren’t already doing the most, it should be noted that both Beyonce and Megan are donating a part of the proceeds from this venture toward COVID-19 relief efforts. 

It is currently trending — OF COURSE — and has raked up more than half a million views on YouTube in about an hour. Queens only.