DJ Khaled Announces Release of Khaled Khaled

credits: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

DJ Khaled took to his social media handle on Tuesday( April 27) to announce his new album which is all set to be released this Friday(April 30). The album titled Khaled Khaled also features his two little boys,  Asahd Khaled and Aalam Khaled in leading roles.

Khaled also shared the cover art for the album with the caption-“This my name. This is my legacy. This my COVER. Time to bring MORE LIGHT.”  He further added, “I have a gift for the world. I can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s talk tomorrow, are you available?? I couldn’t post any pictures of this gift I had to sign an NDA.”

The 45-year-old rapper had revealed in an earlier post that his album would also feature Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake with the vocals. He also shared a hilarious video where he excitedly jumps into his pool fully clothed after Timberlake’s recording was done! Check it out below.

Certainly feels like he’s going to be giving us quite a banger in a few days!