Childish Gambino Goes Digital With His Latest Album

Childish Gambino made headlines when he released his latest untitled album, which was also taken off the internet the very same day. But this time he dropped the entire album titled “3.15.20” on the website

The website initially featured a four-panel comic strip depicting a world in chaos. However, in the recent release of the album this four panel artwork seems to be left out, in place of which is a handwritten note in a text book. The note says “I met with an oracle on a friend’s recommendation
She cleansed me and told me three things:

Someone would die
I had a star on my head
Stay close to God

Then someone died. And my vision cleared. But I could not touch them. I felt on my own. Which had, before, always been enough.

I met w/ the oracle again in a different form. She asked me “How long do u think people wait?”

“As long as they need to?”

“They’re not going to wait forever.”

At the dining room table after lunch, my oldest asked “What are you looking for?” As I stared at the mountain made for someone else.

I told my brother the dream where I asked Prince to see my father and Prince said he was “fine.”

I told my brother the dream where all the people screamed and clawed at each other in the street. And I knew of secret entry into a safe haven, but could not remember where or why it was.

I told my love the dream where my father held our unborn son, hiding underground as I prepared for a fight I knew I would lose. And how I woke up sobbing. And how I felt deep shame and wanted to join where I imagined he was…”

The album boasts 12 tracks featuring collaborations with Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Khadja Bonet. All the tracks on the album are identified with time stamps instead of titles, with the exception of previously released “Time” and “Algorythm”.

The album can be streamed online as well as on his website which boasts two moods of playing. The first format is a ‘continuous play’ under the name Donald Grover Presents and a second track by track format which is under his alias Childish Gambino. Donald said that this was for fans to enjoy a “communal vibe” and listen together, as the current situation of quarantine have left people craving for more social settings that ever.

This would be the fourth album under his alias which is also a disturbing to fans as he had previously announced the termination of the alias after his fourth album. Well at least he has promised to continue making music under his name Dolaand Groover. Kudos to Groover for dropping this dope surprise when we need it the most!

Rihanna’s Got The Heart To Donate

RiRi once preached “B**** better have my money” , well ask and you shall receive cuz Rihana just gave a whole lot of money toward the Corona relief efforts. Her foundation Clara Lionel Foundation -named after her grandparents- donated 5 Million toward the latest pandemic relief efforts that has been ravaging the world.

Plunging the world into chaos , the rapidly spreading pandemic has brought out a bright side of humanity with many people coming forward to help those in need. The foundation has announced that they will be supporting international committees like Direct Relief , Partners in Health, Feeding America, World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and so on. On a local level, the local food banks, protective gear stocks , old age homes will be receiving funds from the foundation.

The foundation said its goal is “to immediately mobilize a broad response working with on-the-ground partners.” In these times , those from lower economic background struggle the most to sustain themselves, “Never has it been more important or urgent to protect and prepare marginalized and underserved communities — those who will be hit hardest by this pandemic,” said Justine Lucas, Executive Director of the Clara Lionel Foundation, in a statement. Rihanna’s charity has a dedicated site where those interested may help fight the pandemic by contributing as well.

Other celebrities like Justin Timberlake and various NBA players have also donated funds to help schools, hospitals and food banks that are overwhelmed by the pandemic.

Many artists have also done their bit to sensitize the public about the importance of self isolation , by staying at home and interacting with their fans via live streams. Some of them have even taken part and organised live stream concerts to boost morale amongst their fans , it truly shows how we’re in this together

Willy Nelson Performs Live Till Further Notice

Willie Nelson’s cancelled Texas music festival Luck reunion 2020 came back with a bang as a virtual event called “Till Further Notice”. The artists performed from their own homes but some broadcasted from Arlyn studios in Texas.

The eight annual Luck Reunion was supposed to draw crowds of about 4000 with artists like Nelson , John Prine , Margo Price , Lucinda Williams and more lined up to grace to stage. But this epic concert dint work out due to COVID-19 fear.

“Til Further notice” was the brain child of the small Luck team who decided to get creative and make a live streaming concert to cheer up all those under self quarantine. The small luck team headed by Matt Bizer and Ellee Fletcher came up with the idea for performers to broadcast from home for charity.

The innovative live stream concert had more impact than any traditional concert as millions tuned into to this low budget, home set up live stream. Ray Bensons from Asleep at the wheel hosted the concert from Austin’s Arlyn Studio while artists like Tami Neilson dripped verses from record store in New Zealand, Williams spun an electrifying set from her home with an electric guitar , reminding us that we are all in this together. Some artists like Neil Young called in for a surprise performance of 1974’s “Vampire Blues”.

They dodged bullets like a pro with their positive attitude! Their first set back came when Nikki Lane hadn’t turned in her music video for broadcast in time. She then filmed it playing from her computer with her I phone! Well life always has a way of swerving around the boulders.

When asked about the logistics of such a massive live stream. they said that a mini TV studio was set up with the help of their friends. Phases two was to screen people who called in on Skype , they were pushed to an engineer who originated their channels. “It was a team effort” said Matt, well it truly was a bliss to witness artists from all over the world coming together to make memories in these weird times.

Many artists have been promoting methods to make self isolation more fruitful. Some have resorted to writing online diaries , interacting with fans via Live streams and even making new music. Its wonderful to witness the beauty of humanity in these times of peril. Kudos to all the artists out their who are making Social distancing more engaging and bearable!