Charlie Puth Pulls at Heart Strings with “Girlfriend”

Charlie Puth Releases new single

Charlie Puth is back in the music game with a brand new release. After teasing the new single, the 28 year old released the track, “Girlfriend”, on all streaming platforms.

The new song, which is Charlie’s first since the release of “Mother”, is a classic, up beat pop track. Complete with the bedroom pop sounds of generic popular music today, ‘Girlfriend’ sets out to please fans and followers with a familiar sound.

With the song, Charlie Puth details the push and pull in the early stages of a relationship. Singing of the in betweens and uncertainty of wanting to take the leap, he sings: “Tired of this conversation/ We didn’t come all this way
to touch a little, kiss a little// All night long, you wanna hear me say it/
I know I kept you waitin’.”

Over an upbeat pop track, he hits us with a cheeky chorus, singing: “Baby, would you ever want to be my girlfriend?/ I don’t wanna play no games// This is more than just a phase.” Cliche or not, Charlie Puth delivers some skillfull, technically sound vocals.

Speaking of the making of the track, Charlie Puth confessed to his Instagram followers, writing: “I spent a lot of time perfecting this one – this is for all of you”.

Girlfriend by Charlie Puth is available on all streaming platforms now.

By: Ahalya Narayanan