BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez Stick To The Sugary Pop Circle for ‘Ice Cream’

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez have had fans waiting at the edge of their seats, constantly glancing at the clock. This month has been stuffed full with a string of pretty teasers and now, after much anticipation, both acts finally dropped their new track, ‘Ice Cream’. 

‘Ice Cream’ stands at a little over three minutes and at its core, this tune proves to be a lighthearted pop banger. The track is lined with a groovy, sparkly blend of beats proving to be the perfect foundation for the girls’ vocals to land on. Featuring sugary-sweet melodies and feisty rap verses, ‘Ice Cream’ sees both BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez step way out of their comfort zones. And while the tune proves to be catchy enough, there’s a certain familiarity to it – one that’s often found in commercial pop bangers.

Yes, on one hand, ‘Ice Cream’ does boast of their superb vocal abilities, but in terms of the track’s soundscape  – there’s a painfully large gap between its elements and their artistic identities. Now, ‘Ice Cream’ dabbles with familiar ideas of love and lust. The girls compare themselves to the sugary confection, asking their lovers to indulge. In their dreamy world, love is the causal factor associated with melting hearts and bold flirtations. Interestingly enough, this track was actually penned down by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet. And this is possibly why there’s an oddly Western approach to the idea of love – a theme often explored with a lot more subtlety in South Korea. 

A Double-Dip Into The Visuals of ‘Ice Cream’

The visualizer for this track is all gooey colours and frills. The girls are seen frolicking around in a pastel-coloured utopia, sampling sweet treats along the way. Even the video for this track proves to be an entirely new realm explored by the girls. BLACKPINK’s visuals are often defined by grand sets, power-packed dance routines and a burst of adrenaline. Selena on the other hand, has adopted much more mellow visuals as of late. She’s dabbled with lighting and aesthetics to emphasize the mood and emotion guiding her tracks. So, it’s curious to see them experiment with an entirely new visualizer. 

‘Ice Cream’ serves as the second single off “Blackpink: The Album”. And unlike their previous track, ‘How You Like That‘, this tune has carved out a special path of its own. Whether the girls will continue on this path for the rest of their album, is something we’ll just have to wait and see.

By: Nina Karun