BLACKPINK Diss Haters in “How You Like That”

Blackpink have made their comebcak

BLACKPINK are back “in your area” with the release of their much awaited single, “How You Like That”. 

The four member girl group are here to steal hearts as they shine on screen with new looks, high-budget sets and a brand new track, kicking off a new BLACKPINK era.

The track, “How You Like That”, has been produced by long time collaborator Teddy, and features some signature sounds. Reminiscent of their past music, the South Korean girl group are ready to take on the haters, singing to a high energy, bass-thumping track. 

Lisa delivers some hard hitting rap, while Jennie does the same and more, showing off her pipes on the second verse and bridge. Rose and Jisoo don their vocalist caps, delivering consistent vocals.

While this track marks the much anticipated comeback of BLACKPINK on the music scene, true fans are in it for the whole ride. It’s not just about music in K-Pop, and everyone knows it. The high-production videos have become a measure synonymous with talent in the industry and well, this video delivers. Aside from the grandiosity of the sets, the sheer number of real-life, non CGI sets is astounding. 

“How You Like That” is a characteristically BLACKPINK diss track. The refrain sees the girls boasting: “Look at you, now look at me// How you like that?”. 

Fans have been looking forward to the much anticipated release for weeks now, and it shows. The official music video has raked up close to 500,000 views in less than 30 minutes. The track has also reached No. 1 on the Melon Music Chart – Korea’s foremost music chart. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

Doja Cat Releases New Music in the Middle of Backlash

Doja Cat

Doja Cat releases new music in the middle of ongoing backlash and we are starting to think if anything can stop her? The ‘Say So’ singer is out with a new single called ‘Unisex Freestyle’ and also the music video for ‘Like That’. The second track is from her upcoming album “Hot Pink” which features Gucci Mane.

Doja Cat teased ‘Unisex Freestyle’ on Instagram and soon released it on SoundCloud while being extremely casual about it. She captioned the song “just a pile of a poo poo honey “. An anthem for the LGBTQ+ community, the singer chants “I’m for all the ladies and gentleman/ I’m unisex, unisex,” 

In the video for “Like That” featuring Gucci Mane, Doja Cat kills us with her smooth dance routine, colourful costumes and very dreamy aesthetic. The animated music video is filled with Sailor Moon Energy, the singer is seen as an anime heroine.

With so much music related content, we wonder how does she have the time to deal with the haters. Recently, a video had surfaced on the internet, in which we see Doja Cat participating in a conversation filled with racist comments.

Doja Cat has responded to these comments via her Instagram live, “My friends on Tinychat are not f*cking white supremacists, they love me, I love them, they’re loving, and that’s it. And you won’t find anything on them because you’re f*cking stupid!”

Clearly, we must learn from Doja, she knows how to stay away from the hate and continue to be productive.

By : Aatira Kakroo