BLACKPINK Break Yet Another Record

The much loved South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK, recently blessed us with the first single off their upcoming album, ‘How You Like That’. And guess what? In just one weekend, the girls broke some pretty big YouTube records. This means, that as one of South Korea’s most popular girl-groups, they’re adding yet another feather to their cap.

So, here’s what went down, the music video set an all-time record for the biggest YouTube premiere with 1.66 million peak concurrents. Oh but it doesn’t stop there, this music video also scored the biggest 24-hour debut of all time with 86.3 million views.

Well, we’d like to say that this isn’t that surprising, considering the production scale of this music video. ‘How You Like That’ witnessed some of the most brilliant sets and we’re talking apocalyptic structures, fairytale-like gardens and a grand hall, fit for the next version of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to be shot in. Oh and not to mention the fact that the girls looked simply stunning. 

BLACKPINK Come Through With Their Bold Lyrics

Filled to the brim with high energy beats and some powerful verses, in this tune, BLACKPINK is fierce and unapologetic. One look at Lisa’s rap verse, and you just know, that the girls aren’t here to play around. 

Your girl needs it all and that’s a hundred
10 out of 10, I want what’s mine
Karma come and get some
I feel bad but there’s nothing I can do
What’s up, I’m right back
Trigger the cock back
Plain Jane get hijacked, don’t like me?
Then tell me, how you like that, like that? 

Mhmm, see what we mean? Now, the girls also held their first live performance of this track on the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. So, lay out your napkins and dig in, because while you might still be reeling from their stellar music video, their live performance is really not worth missing out on. 

By: Nina Karun