Billie Eilish & The New Album: Here’s What You Need To Know

This year has witnessed a lot of artists make their return to the music scene. Lady Gaga arrived with her sixth studio album, “Chromatica”. Both Sam Smith and Demi Lovato resurfaced with a promise to drop new albums this year. And yet, there’s a strange absence still felt in the music scene. And perhaps the only thing that can fill up that gaping hole is a new album from Billie Eilish. But will we get one this year?

Billie’s older brother, Finneas O’Connell recently sat down for an interview wherein he dished out details regarding this. “Billie and I are full steam ahead on her next record, I’m working on my own album too,” he confessed, “I haven’t suffered at all because of my set-up. Billie and I can work one-on-one, and I’m working remotely with other artists who FaceTime me and ask if I want to work on a song.”  

So, When Is Billie Eilish Going To Drop The Album?

The siblings have put out two buzzing tunes this year – ‘No Time To Die’ and ‘My Future’. The latter arrived as a surprise release in July. It witnessed Billie reflect on her career, whilst yearning for time alone and a space to grow

When it comes to a full-length album, Billie dropped her debut record in early 2019. “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” created waves across the music landscape and even scored the young star a whopping five whole Grammy awards. While she’s gearing up for her next full-length project, it might have to take a backseat until the global pandemic settles. 

According to Finneas, “Billie’s album, and my album, they won’t be a bummer COVID record.” The star explained that he wanted fans to enjoy their music once we’re out of this rough patch. 

So, while a new album seems off the table as of now, perhaps the siblings can still bless us with a few more singles along the way. 

By: Nina Karun