ATEEZ Choose To Reside In Their Dreams in ‘Inception’

The up and coming K-Pop group, ATEEZ, left the world stunned with the music video for their latest single ‘Inception’. And we can firmly say that their brilliant visuals live up to the title. 

Layered with light verses and haunting melodies, ‘Inception’ takes its time to grow. And much like a dream, once you reach the chorus, it drops you from a height. Brimming with warped, electronic beats and powerful falsettos, it’s hard not to get entirely hooked in upon the first listen. 

In this tune, we see ATEEZ compare the motions of falling in love to that of a dream. Both being chaotic, euphoric and all-consuming. The songwriting sees the band flesh out every detail and sensation, bringing a certain intensity to the table. Here, take a look:

Eye meets in that short instant
The moment all the senses stop
Little tremors spread inside me
For the first time I am swallowed by the feeling
That I became who I am

I am lost looking for you
You are the dream I live in, the dream I can never awake from

The music video opens with the boys treading on the line between dreams and reality, as they drift in and out of sleep. With every chorus, we see them transported to bizarre dreamscapes – flooded classrooms, a basketball court up in flames and endless corridors. The highlight of this video, apart from the fantastic set design is their power-packed choreography. Charged with fancy footwork and tasteful spins, their routine is an absolute visual treat. 

‘Inception’ finds its space on the band’s latest EP, ‘Zero: Fever Part. 1’. 

By: Nina Karun